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Internet of Things-IoT Training Courses

CommTech teamed up with Texas Instruments to collaborate in delivering IoT training courses.

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Leading technical experts from industry and academia with many years of experience.
Demonstrations using modern RF and microwave test and measurement instruments to help reinforce the concepts introduced.
Presenting solid fundamental background as well as state of the art topics needed to accelerate your career
Instruction is focused on teaching practical, relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workplace

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Internet of Things

Analysts estimate that 20+ Billion devices will get connected to the Internet by 2020*. In this exploding Internet of Things (IoT), users, things and cloud services connect using the Internet to enable new use cases and new business models across multiple markets and applications.

Texas Instruments and CommTech Knowledge will provide the training required to enable the IoT, regardless of the key markets in which your ideas are going to be implemented.


Access control
Light & temperature control
Energy optimization
Predictive maintenance
Connected appliances
Building & home automation
Flow optimization
Real time inventory
Asset tracking
Employee safety
Predictive maintenance
Firmware updates
Smart manufacturing
Residential E-meters
Smart street lights
Pipeline leak dectection
Traffic control
Surveilance cameras
Centralized and integrated system control
Smart cities
icons-apptab-health-careRemote monitoring
Ambulance telemetry
Drug tracking
Hospital asset tracking
Access control
Predictive maintenance
Health care
Wire replacement
Predictive maintenance
Car to car and car to infrastructure
Smart watch
Location and tracking
Iot challenges

Challenges in the Internet of Things

The building blocks of technology require delivery on the most fundamental challenges.


Variety of wired and wireless connectivity standards are required to enable different application needs

Sensing a complex environment

Innovative ways to sense and deliver information from the physical world to the cloud

Power is critical

Many IoT applications need to run for years over batteries and reduce the overall energy

Security is vital

Protecting users’ privacy and manufacturers’ IP; detecting and blocking malicious activity

IoT is complex

IoT application development needs to be easyfor all developers, not just to experts

Cloud is important

IoT applications require end-to-end solutions including cloud services

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity Protocols

covered during the course

There exists an almost bewildering choice of connectivity options application developers working on products and systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Depending on the application, factors such as range, data requirements, security and power demands and battery life will dictate the choice of one or some form of combination of technologies. These are some of the major communication technologies on offer to developers.

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Course Overview

The course duration is — academic hours and will be delivered over — meetings of 5 academic hours each

This is a comprehensive and intensive course. (see the course syllabus)

The course  is presented by leading technical experts from industry and academia with many years of experience. (see Lecturers)

While the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings many new business prospects, it also presents significant challenges ranging from technology architectural choices to security concerns. CommTech’s Internet of Things Training course offers important insights on how to overcome these challenges and thrive in this exciting space.

This course is unique in terms of the wide range of disciplines and technologies it covers, due to the wide diverse of applications and services involved.

The course provides a thorough introduction to fundamental as well as state of the art topics behind the Internet of Things including: Services and applications (Use cases), IoT Architectures, Wireless Connectivity (LTE, 5G, WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, NFC etc.), IoT standards and Protocols (6LoWPAN, MQTT, Mosquitto, REST, CoAP etc.)Hardware/Embedded Systems, Software/Firmwares & OS/RTOS (TinyOS, Contiki, RIOT, ARM mbed etc.), Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, IoT Security, Big Data and more. For a full detailed course syllabus see here

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Comprehensive and intensive syllabus, advanced learning materials and experienced lecturers means

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