Vector Network Avalyzer – VNA

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VNA-Course Syllabus

What measurements do we make?

  • Transmission-line basics
  • Reflection and transmission parameters
  • S-parameter definition

Network analyzer hardware

  • Signal separation devices
  • Detection types
  • Dynamic range
  • T/R versus S-parameter test sets

Error models and calibration

  • Types of measurement error
  • One- and two-port models
  • Error-correction choices
  • Basic uncertainty calculations

Example measurements

About VNA

One of the most common measuring tasks in RF engineering involves analysis of circuits (networks). A network analyzer is an instrument that is designed to handle this job with great precision and efficiency. Circuits that can be analyzed using network analyzers range from simple devices such as filters and amplifiers to complex modules used in communications satellites.
A network analyzer is the most complex and versatile piece of test equipment in the field of RF engineering. It is used in applications in research and development and also for test purposes in production.

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