The Decibel

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The Decibel Course Overview

dB, dBm and dB (μV/m) are important concepts that every engineer should understand in his (or her) sleep.
Decibels are found everywhere, including power levels, voltages, reflection coefficients, noise figures, field strengths and more.
What is a decibel and how should we use it in our calculations? This short  e-Learning course is intended as a refresher on the subject of decibels

The Decibel Sillabus

Why use decibels in our calculations?
Definition of dB
What does dBm mean?
What is the difference between voltage decibels and power decibels?
What is a level?
Attenuation and gain
Series connection of two-port circuits
Conversion from decibels to percentage and vice versa
Using dB values in computations
Adding power levels
Measuring signals at the noise limit
Adding voltages

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